Things you should know about managing your finances

5 Important Things you should know about managing your finances in 2023

In this blog post, you will learn everything you need to know about managing your finances whether you are an adult or a young person striving to earn a living, you will find this write-up very helpful in terms of financial management.

 As the year is starting, some people will be looking for money up and down to use for many things. Some are the money they will use in starting a new business, some for house rent and some parents are also looking for money to use in paying their ward’s school fees. Truthfully, there is hardship everywhere and everyone is striving to survive. so, in this new year and beyond, one must learn how to manage his finances in order not to run into better to start early so as not to end the year on a rough or bad side.

That notwithstanding, this present condition in this country will make one manage their income properly, some may want to desist from taking loans and managing the little funds they have with them at the moment. So, let’s delve into the things one needs to know in order to manage your finances very well.

Things you should know about managing your finances

1. Understanding your financial status

 One should know the level of income they are categorized under. You should be able to know the condition of your business, assets as well as properties. you should be able to know when you are at profit or loss, when there is cash inflow and when not. and also when you are in debt.

 Understanding this will help you to plan on how to manage your funds and also save your money more so how to spend wisely in order not to run out of cash in your business and not spend lavishly on things that are not important as this usually drain people’s income.

 2. Creating a budget plan

 Making sure you Have a budget plan on how you will spend your money each month is a very good decision in finance management. Although a lot of people find this too hard to handle because of some unplanned spending.

 One should always try to follow your spending based on those things that are most important to them, you should write your needs in order of preference and not wants. Once you discover that you don’t have sufficient funds to purchase all the things that you need, you should cut off some things and pay for the most important ones.

3. Planning ahead for unforeseen contingencies

 this refers to saving for emergency or unplanned purposes. this is an essential plan in the process of managing your income, this is because when you save some part of your salary or your generated income for emergencies like the loss of one’s job, death of loved ones, hospital bills, car repairs, and all that. 

all of these are inevitable, so one must prepare ahead of time in order not to incur debt in the process of borrowing to solve these problems. so, save up for your emergency days as no one knows when anything can happen to him/her and to save you the stress of begging your friends or family members for assistance as so many people will not help in the end. this makes some people frustrated in the end.

Things you should know about managing your finances

 4. Debt avoidance 

some people really like to collect loan and use it for their business or whatsoever. collecting loans are sweet but paying them is very difficult for some people.

 yea of a truth that it can help you boost your business but most times these loans have interest rates that are very high and once you are used to borrowing, your business does not really move forward as supposed to.

 when you use money that does not attract interest or money that you own that you know you are not paying anybody from it, your business moves well and you have gained yourself as well. in managing our finances, we should always set a plan to avoid debt as this will harm our income. pay off your debt and sustain yourself with the one you have as that will make you save up.

 the best advice for this is to always stay on your spending limit all the time, say no to impulse purchases, and buy now pay later.

 5. start saving for retirement now.

 This is a very essential thing to do when you are a salary earner. you should try to save at least 10% of your earnings in a tax-advantaged retirement account like a 401(K).

 you should not be behind in saving for retirement, always make sure that you are on track to saving for your retirement days as this will help you to maintain your standard of living when you retire from service.


 as the world is evolving, planning for everything you do is a must for everyone. be it in your finances or otherwise. As saving is not only for elderly ones as it also applies to the young ones too. if you are the type that spends high, cut down on all your spending as it will help you to save up for later days.

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