Lucrative Business Ideas

7 Lucrative Business Ideas For 2023

In this blog post about lucrative business ideas, you will learn all the business ideas that you can start with or without capital. Below is a list of some businesses you can start up in other to earn money.

Lucrative Business Ideas

1. Dropshipping business 

Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce business that does not need one to own a big shop, a warehouse, or even keep an inventory of goods he has in stock and you don’t for pay the product until the product is been sold.  in drop shipping, you don’t buy goods in advance the only thing you need to do is to display the product of your choice on your website, i:e, the picture of the product with a price tag, and when someone places an order, you will send the order to your supplier who in turn prepares your customers order and ship the product directly to your customer.

  But to be able to achieve this, you will need a word press website with which you can display your product. So, there is an Ali express drop ship plugin on word press that can be used to build your website and it has a yearly fee of $89. once this is achieved, you can start making your sales.

You can also use Shopify for your dropshipping sell-by registering on their platform and completing your business profile. Shopify runs whether the person has a website or not, you can also choose to sell online or offline. Shopify runs for $180 per year.

2. Mini importation

Mini importation as the name implies is the process of buying goods from one country to one designated country. In mini importation, you buy goods in bulk and also keep an inventory of goods. Mini importation allows you to buy goods directly from the manufacturer of the product.

With mini importation, people make a lot of money because they buy things at a cheaper rate and sell them at their own set price. But in doing this, shipping fees fluctuate because of the rising and falling dollar rates. Here, you are been charged by the agent per KG of your products.

 examples of the surest place where you can start your mini importation are,,, Ali, etc. if you have got the capital with which to start mini importation log on to and search for a product you would want to import and then chat up the seller of the product you want to order.

Before you start to order any product, you should have an Agent with whom your supplier will ship your product, and after you have negotiated with him and you have agreed on a price. Your agent must be leaving in the same country you are ordering goods from so as to make it easier for your suppliers.

Now, Your suppliers will then prepare an invoice for you according to the number of goods you are purchasing. You will pay with either your bank card or through Paypal, many people have different methods with which they accept payment for their goods and you will be needing to pay a fee that the supplier will use in taking the products to your agent. You should make sure that your agent is genuine and trusted so as not to be scammed, the supplier of goods should write your name, your phone number, and also the shipping number on the package of your order for easy identification.

When your agent has shipped in your product, you will be contacted and you will now go and clear your goods and carry them.

3. Affiliate marketing

 Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products/services for a fee. How affiliate marketing works is that you need to have a company that produces a product and is looking for someone to help promote its products.

 All you need to do is to register with this company by creating an account with them and you will be offered an affiliate link you will then search for the product or service that you want to promote and whenever someone visits your website and clicks on that product to make a purchase it will lead that person to that companies website when the person buys the product with your affiliate link you will be offered a commission based on your commission percentage as discussed with the owner of the product. Examples of affiliate marketing websites include Amazon, ClickBank,, and Shopify.

In order to choose products/services to promote, put the following into consideration:

You should make sure that the product or service you are promoting is valuable to your target market. It should be something that will add value to the people you are selling it to.

Make sure to know if the product you are promoting is relevant to your audience. Once you know the product/service that you are promoting, you should know the people you will target for that particular product. (know your target audience).

The product you are promoting must be unique that’s based on the price it is been offered to your customers. What is the availability of this product, is the product rampant, and how scarce is it, the product has to be unique in that you don’t just see the product everywhere.

4.  Freelancing/Blogging

Lucrative Business Ideas

Freelancing is the process whereby people work for several companies and not only one company and earn from them. In freelancing, people work from the comfort of their homes, it might be data entry work, typing work, copywriting, doing assignments for students, and also content writing for website owners. If you want to learn content writing, you contact experts who can teach you. so many people have made money through this means. The following are the websites you can register to work as a freelancer.





5.  Forex trading

Forex trading Is another means by which people make money. Forex trading is simply the process of trading one currency in exchange for another currency.  The forex market is where all forex transactions take place .it is a market with about 6 trillion liquidity flowing in and out daily. The main purpose of the forex market is to buy and sell countries’ currencies.

If you want to learn forex trading contact forex gurus who can teach you how to trade.

6.   Buying/ Selling of NFT

NFT stands for non-fungible token. They are tokens that are interchangeable, a lot of people have made money in this way in this recent years. To learn more about NFT visit

7.   Uber/bolt business

Uber/bolt is a lucrative business that can earn you about 300,000 or more per month. It can be done both on part-time and as well as full-time jobs. It does not really require a particular level of education or certificate to venture into the business. With knowledge of smartphone operations and an approved Nigerian Driver’s License, you temporarily qualify to be a uber/bolt driver.

Below are some of the requirements to become an uber/bolt driver

  •  The age limit is 21years above
  •  A Nigerian approved Drivers License
  •  A very active email
  •  A good driving knowledge of Nigerian road
  •  Understanding the Nigerian road map
  •   A very good and classic car in good condition and very good looking in and out that meets the requirements.

 If all the above-listed conditions are met, u can proceed to activate your account.


To start up any business among the above-listed lucrative business ideas, read up to choose the one that suits you and that you can do very well since not all of them involve huge capital for starting.

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