How Can You Earn Money From Blogging

How Can You Earn Money From Blogging In 2022?

A blogger is someone who blogs and posts content for others to read. This is the most accurate definition of a blogger. The main word is information. Blog from any location. No matter where you are: Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, India, the United States, or anywhere at all In this article, you will discover how you can earn money by blogging.

Blogging is concerned with sharing data. From News to video games, technology, and even gossip and everything else. If you’re publishing any of this information on your blog, then you’re a blogger. Thus, a successful blogger is an effective information distributer. This article is ideal for those who are looking for ways to earn money through blogging for newbies.

If you’re looking to become a blogger, then you’re looking to be an information distributor.

There is no longer a time when blogging was just to keep boredom at bay. Nowadays, being a blogger can be very lucrative. Bloggers are powerful, wealthy, and influential individuals around the globe. If you’re seeking an opportunity that can provide you with space, time, and cash, then you should think about the possibility of becoming a blogger.

However, blogging has become quite competitive as more bloggers attempt to make money from blogging. However, regardless of how competitive it is, you can be an effective blogger if you follow the guidelines within this post.

Many people who start blogging don’t adhere to the proper ethics of blogging. They create a blog and then begin blogging, and that’s all they do. If you decide to start blogging today, and you adhere to certain basic rules you’ll be flying above the other bloggers.

The process of blogging isn’t too difficult with a plan and following the best methods. In fact, I had just begun a blog within less than two months, I was earning $100 per month and gaining plenty of visitors. Of course, I also have massive blogs that have earned tens of thousands of dollars. No, whatever success I’ve been in my blogging career I will always adhere to the fundamental rules. I’ll share them with you.

In the beginning, if you’d like to start a blog, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide you can follow to set up your blog.

Following this guideline, it should be possible to set up an online blog in around 20 minutes. Let’s take a look at ways you can earn money blogging

How to earn money from blogging

Follow these steps to earn income blogging for Nigeria, Ghana, the United States, or anywhere in the world.

1. Find the perfect area of expertise

The first step towards becoming an effective blogger is to choose the right niche (topic) you’re interested in and are skilled at. This is essential for an income-generating blog.

Do not open new blogs since everyone is writing news blogs. If you’re good at and love games you should start a gaming website that is mostly dedicated to games. Whatever you’re proficient in begin with that niche. As time goes on, once you are established the foundation, you can expand into other areas.

If you write on a subject you’re passionate about and knowledgeable about, it will be easy to write content since you are familiar with the subject. Your motivation will be high due to the thing you are passionate about. There’s nothing wrong with blogging to make money, but you need to ensure that you are balancing with your readers by providing them with high-quality information.

In short, you should blog about things that you love.

2. Select a hosting service that is fast and has a fast Theme (Template)

If you’re planning to launch the first WordPress blog on the internet, we suggest that you choose a reliable hosting service that is quick and has good customer service.

Speed is crucial in blogging. No one likes a slow-loading blog. It’s the same for Google and other engines. A speedy blog can assist you in ranking highly. The speed begins with your hosting. Good customer support is crucial if you encounter problems and require assistance.

Our guide suggests Hostgator as they are a speedy web hosting service with great customer service. This blog uses InMotion Hosting. They’re quick and provide excellent service too. We’ve also tried the NameCheap service before, and they’re good. Each of them is quick and has good customer support. Blue Host is also popular with bloggers.

Another factor that affects the speed of your site will be the WordPress design or template you choose to use. You require a speedy and simple theme. The theme you select can dramatically affect the speed. Therefore, make sure you utilize tools such as Google speed analysis as well as Pingdom to test the theme prior to purchasing.

You can use the search engine Theme Forest in search of quick themes. MyThemeShop is also well-known for its quick and SEO-friendly themes.

3. Originality

Be very attentive If you’re looking to be successful in blogging and making money through it Originality is crucial! This is the reason most bloggers fall short. They start a blog and begin copying and pasting articles from bloggers. It is possible to fool readers, but you aren’t able to fool Google or others search engines. Google as well as other engines invest lots of money fighting plagiarism, which means they’re ahead of game.

In a short time, you’ll be discovered and your blog will be marked as spam. This will mean the end of your affection by search engines. Your traffic will start to decrease.

On our blog, we create every post 100 100%. We draw upon our years of experience, and when it is necessary, consult experts from the field to create educational and useful content to aid people to earn money.

It is important to note that Google as well as other engines offer tools that let users submit duplicate content to them. For instance, if you copy content from a different blogger without permission or credit. The blogger notices it and they go on Google for a report within under 24 hours. Google will review and eliminate your site from their search results. If a report of 5 or more is made against you, and they examine and discover that it’s valid your blog might be branded as spam.

It’s very risky to be flagged in a spam report by Google. Since one of the most efficient ways to earn money blogging is through Google Adsense which is controlled by Google. Although it’s not possible to prove it but being branded as spam could have an impact on the performance of your Google Adsense. It’s impossible to know.

Google along with other major search engines is awestruck by original content. They’ll give you a reward for this by bringing increased traffic.

Original content also informs Google that you’re more than just another website, but that you actually have valuable information to provide. This establishes you as an authority.

If you have to use a paragraph copied from another website in your post, ensure you credit them. Google will be aware of plagiarism and not penalize you.

Unless you’re in the news industry, where press releases and quotes are often identical and you must not ever utilize duplicate content.

4. Do your SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the method by which you seek to improve the amount of traffic you receive from Search engines. You may have noticed the primary source of traffic for businesses and bloggers is coming from search engines. It is because they provide specific traffic.

Search engine traffic is a great way to earn more money than other types of traffic. Additionally, it can increase the authority of your blog and credibility more than any other type of traffic. Advertisers are attracted by blogs that have large amounts of natural traffic. In contrast, traffic coming from search engines is usually known as organic traffic.

The most fundamental SEO you must do is known as on-page SEO. It’s very important.

There are many plugins to provide guidance and support. Two of the most well-known SEO plug-ins include Yoast and the All-in-One SEO Pack.

Yoast is the most well-known with more than five million downloaded downloads. And did you know? We use Yoast here on

It’s not just acceptable to create a blog post and then click publish. Make use of any of these plugins and adhere to the instructions for posting to optimize your blog post and ensure it is a success in search engines.

When you launch your WordPress writing interface after installing the Yoast plugin, you’ll notice the box that is below it. Here’s an example of a Yoast box.

How-to-become-a-successful-blogger-and-make-money_You will locate a Yoast SEO Box under the editing interface, where you’re writing your post.

Then, click to select the Focus keyword. Select a keyword to be used for the blog you want to target. It will pull up suggestions to explore. Check them out in red and try to you will see an average green light at the top of the bar. It indicates your SEO on-page is optimized and effective for the particular post.

Here’s how the focus box appears when you click it. be aware that we’re yet to determine the focus keyword for this blog post in this example.

become-a-successful-blogger here is what it looks when you hit the keyword you want to focus on.

The purpose of this is to optimize your content and make it easier for search engines to understand it better. These suggestions are useful and could aid in ensuring your post is ranked high on the search engines to which they are applied.

The majority of new bloggers download an application like the Yoast plugin or another SEO plugin and that’s all they do. They don’t bother to research this.

5. Be constant

It’s not enough to start your blog, then drop five posts, and go on the run over a period of a month. You must then come back, delete one post, then disappear. There is no way to be taken seriously. Your readers are not the only ones, nor are search engines. Consistency is the key.

Write on a regular basis. In as much detail as you can. Whatever your level you go, try to write at least one weekly blog. If you’re able to, do it more frequently.

Imagine yourself as your readers. You come across a great blog, you go to it to read the articles, and you like it. Then, you return the next day and nothing is new, then return a day later with no new information, 5 days later there’s nothing new, and one week later, nothing fresh. Do you really want to keep coming back?

Be conscient. Google along with other major search engines appreciate consistency, too. It’s a sign that you’re an established source.

It’s also not clear what is your break-even article. It will go viral and grab the attention of everyone around the globe to your work.

Do not stop. Continue writing. The more you compose your readers will gain as well as the greater authority you gain.

Don’t think you can start an online blog today, and then the next day, it’s booming! If you don’t have a lot of sums of money to spend. If you’re new to the game, try perseverance and persevering.

6. Profit from your blog

One of the primary motives for starting a blog is to earn money from your blog. Understanding how to make money from your blog is essential to earning income from your website. The best way to make money from blogging is to make sure you are monetizing your blog by using the correct method

The most common question asked by newbies is: how do bloggers earn money? Blogs can’t be monetized in the same manner. There are blogs because of their specific niche, that earn a decent amount of money through Google Adsense There are blogs that make more money through Affiliate marketing, or making money selling products you own.

As a blogger, it is your responsibility to play around and figure out the most effective method to earn money through your blog.

They are among the most sought-after ways to make money through blogging.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is among the most sought-after methods to make money through your blog. In fact, we utilize Google Adsense here at Once you have started to receive an increase in traffic and you have published enough posts on your blog. It’s time to sign up for the program Google Adsense. All you need to do is visit the Adsense Google website and submit your application.

It’s simple and easy. After you have been accepted, you can put the code on your blog and begin earning money. Google will display advertisements on your website, earn money from advertisers, and then split the money with you. No hassle or issues.

Google Adsense works well on every type of blog, provided that it doesn’t violate the terms and conditions of its service. It is recommended to experiment with various ad types and locations to determine what works best for your blog.

2. Marketing through affiliates

How Can You Earn Money From Blogging

Affiliate marketing can earn you money off your blog, however, it is dependent on your niche. If you’re in a field that is centered around services and products like insurance, property and finance, fashion blog and gaming, gadgets, and many more it is possible to earn more money from affiliate marketing, more so than Google Adsense.

All you need to join an affiliate platform like Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon Affiliate, ShareASale, eBay Partner Network, and ClickBank. Find products or services that are relevant to your area of expertise and pay high commissions and advertise the products through your blog.

If your readers purchase or sign up for your newsletter, you earn cash.

For niches such as News or gossip affiliate marketing might not work as well.

3. Sell your product

You could also sell your products through your blog, and earn more money than the other method. The advantage of making your own product available for sale is the fact that you don’t have to share the profits with anyone else.

Based on the niche you’re in depending on your niche, you can offer books or ebooks, fashion items gadgets, etc. relevant to your area of expertise. It’s a good thing that when you don’t own an item to offer or create, you can set up your own online store using Shopify.

Copy inventories from various suppliers and manufacturers around the globe to the online shop. Advertise them via your blog. If people purchase, the suppliers will then ship the product to buyers, and you will receive the payment.

4. Direct and sponsored posts and ad

You can earn money through the blog you run by accepting posts from sponsors. Companies and individuals will pay you for the privilege of putting an article on your site. The content of the post is usually in line with the content on your blog. If you are interested in accepting sponsored posts, it is recommended to post a notice on your blog that says you will accept sponsored posts. Then, drop an email address that they can use to contact you.

You can also earn money through direct advertisements on your website. Advertisers will get in touch with you, and when you sign an agreement and are the money. It is recommended to include an “advertise us” section where you can include your contact information and media kit.

These are the basic ideas but there are other ways to monetize your blog. Research more depending on your niche. You need to be imaginative as a blogger. Experiment and discover the best source of income. 

7. Make your blog more efficient:

It is important to optimize your blog to be search engine friendly and also for users. This is essential. As an author, you need to ensure you have your site optimized at all times.

Google along with other search engines like blogs include:

Low bounce rate

Your bounce rate must not exceed 69%. A bounce rate is the rate at which visitors visit your website to read a single page and then leave. Make use of tools like Related posts plugins in order to keep your visitors interested. Additionally, Interlink your articles.

Mobile friendly

Make Your blog mobile-friendly. Google appreciates this. To achieve this, you must ensure that your blog is adaptable. This means that it will adjust to the screen of any device, be it a laptop, computer tablet, or mobile phone.

Loading time

Improve the speed of your website’s loading. Avoid using too many plugins. Consider using a caching plugin to boost the speed of your computer. A CDN network may also be helpful.

Keep visitors to keep coming back

You should try to engage your readers and encourage them to return to your site. This will inform engine crawlers that you’re blog is loved by your visitors.

Click-through rates

If your blog is featured in a search engine, the number of times it’s clicked can significantly affect your rankings. If lots of people click when they view it, it informs Google that the site is educational and informative. They will be rewarded

Therefore, make your search engine snippet appealing for people to click on when your blog is listed in the search results. It is possible to use this Yoast plugin to create an appealing meta description of your homepage tags, categories, pages, and posts.

Blog submission to search engines

The submission of your blog to search engines will assist them in better understanding your blog. This will let you know the performance of your blog and what areas you’ll need to make changes to.

There is a way to visit this link for instructions on how to send your blog’s URL to Google. All you need to do is sign-up and then submit your link. Make sure you own the website. Then create a sitemap using your Yoast plugin or another sitemap plugin, and then submit it.

Here for submitting your blog’s information on Bing as well as Yahoo. After submission, sign-up for an account so you are aware of areas where you could make improvements.

Link Building

Link building is about other blogs linking to you. It is crucial to SEO as it tells search engines that your site is significant whenever a larger site connects to you. Never attempt to create links using blackhearts. Let them flow naturally. The only way to do it is a white hat.

In your article Try linking to the resource pages of large websites and blogs, as they might notice, and then link back. Additionally, you can explore a different white hat method of gaining natural hyperlinks.

8. Develop followership

It is essential to develop followership. You can do this by using an email list like we use on Your readers can sign up for your list of email subscribers. When you make the latest post or series of blogs you can notify them via email. Most of them will not even know that there’s something different.

If you own an item to use, make use of it. A list of email addresses is extremely effective for the success of bloggers.

You can also increase your social media followers. However, you should concentrate on one social media platform first. It can be extremely distracting to try to simultaneously do everything. It is possible to open many, but you should concentrate on growing one. Facebook and Twitter are more effective than other platforms in terms of referrals.

9. Put the money you are earning

It is important to realize the fact that blogging can be a form of business. It’s not just entertainment. Make it an enterprise. When you earn profits, make sure you put some of it into your SEO, by creating advertisements, designing and enhancing content, and expanding your audience. The most successful blog is one that treats his blog as a business. Don’t only focus on making money from blogging, but don’t do not forget to invest some of your earnings back into the blog.

10. Keep on learning

Never stop learning. To be a successful blogger and earn money through blogging, you must keep learning and reading. The latest information is released frequently, so don’t get caught up in the shuffle. Search engines update their algorithms often, so be sure to stay up-to-date.

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