How to attract customers to your online store

how to attract customers to your online store

This blog post on how to attract customers to your online store is a guide to learning how to get customers and also retaining them in your online store.

When there are regular as well as returning customers to your online store that keeps your business steady in terms of its growth and profitability. So, all you should do in order to attract customers to your store is for you to acquire new customers and turn them into returning and permanent customers.

 how do you do this? 

1. By using the email subscription method

Email subscription is one of the ways for getting your customers to subscribe to your newsletter. With an email campaign, you can be able to acquire new customers to your online store which is also helpful in tacking your consistent customers. This can be done by getting people’s email addresses and whenever there is a new product in your online store you send them email messages if they subscribe you have a higher chance of converting such a person to be your regular customer.

You can use the following to send bulk messages to people’s email addresses.

Get response

Convert kits

2. By creating  Facebook pages

So many people are making use of social media websites and you should do yourself a favor by registering one and updating it about what you sell. By offering friendly prices on your products, bringing up conversation concerning your products on how it can affect the users positively, and at will always do give away for your customers or followers as this will make people engage and always visit your platform.

3. Through bonus offers

On a normal, many customers are attracted to bonus offers. When you give your customers bonuses, they are likely to come back to make a purchase and to buy more and more than what they planned to buy at the initial stage, and eventually, they can be retained.

4. Visual advertising

Through visual advertising by using Youtube. Youtube can be seen as an online video sharing and social media platform. It is regarded as the second most visited after google. So, introducing your product on youtube is a good idea as a lot of people will visually tour your product or services thereby bringing many customers to your online store. You can do this by creating a youtube channel using your Google account.

5. By enlisting in online apps/ platforms

Online sites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and the rest are known platforms that enable you to create your own online store and list your own products there for sale. Let people know about what you have to offer through these platforms by enlisting them there as it will help to increase the visibility of your products and will also bring more customers to your online store.


This post on how to attract customers to your online store is just a guide to knowing what and what you should do in order to get engaging customers for your offering online. Read through and know what you should do about getting customers for your online store today.

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