Top Loan Apps In Nigeria

The 5 Top Loan Apps In Nigeria

This blog post is about the top loan apps in Nigeria. Are you in need of a loan for business purposes or to sort out some emergencies and maybe there is no friend or relative that could be of help. Do not worry; we have carefully selected the 5 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria for you in this article. These loan apps are genuine and you can easily count on them for fast and immediate response whenever you run out of cash and needs to settle some emergencies be it a hospital bill, house rent, school fees, and even to start up a business provided you have a good credit record.

Of a truth that many loan sharks have caused more harm than but we still have so many of them that are good.

A lot of persons have been slandered and even harassed several times by these loan sharks just maybe because they could not meet up with payment dates due to some life circumstances coupled with outrageous interest rates charged by them. And sometimes they will give you a loan and ask you to pay it back in 7 days’ time with high-interest rates.  All you need to do whenever you want to download any loan app is to read reviews from people that have borrowed from that platform before that way, you will know if you can continue or decline the loan application and also try to read their terms and conditions before applying to make sure you can abide by them.

But I assure you the loan apps listed in this article are genuine and don’t defame nor do they harass you with calls or text messages.

Best Loan Apps In Nigeria

1. Branch

2. Quick Check

3. Aella

4. Umba

5. Fairmoney

1. Branch

Branch has over 40 million downloads across Africa and India, it is among one of the most popular finance apps in the world. In a branch, there is no paperwork and it provides the following bank products: money transfer, bill payment, an instant loan with a low-interest rate, investment as well as savings. You can use your smartphone for all this in a branch loan. Available in Nigeria also is the branch debit card which enables all branch customers to make reliable payments every time with ATM withdrawals without charges. At branch international, its Agents are customer friendly and there is no harassment of any sort. You can go ahead and download the branch App from the Google play store to enjoy its loan product at a minimum interest rate and the loan term is always convenient and favorable to the borrower.

2. Quick check loan

With your smartphone and you have downloaded the quick check app, you are good to go. The app is very seamless and easy to navigate. In a quick check, there is no paperwork, no collateral, or guarantors as well. There is quick loan approval and its agent are customer-friendly, with no harassment or defamatory messages like in other platforms. Hurry now and download the quick check loan app from the Google play store to enjoy its services at a very low-interest rate and very long loan term.

3.  Aella

Aella savings loans app is a Fintech company that is built in order to simplify instant credit and payment solutions for its customers. With Aella instant loans, there is no paperwork and no collateral. The application process is speedy and simple. Within five minutes of a successful application, your provided account number is been funded with the amount that has been approved for you in the app. One amazing feature of the Aella app is that there are no rollover fees in that you can only pay what you owe with no late fee attached to it. they have a longer duration loan term that makes it easier for you to split your loan as you like to pay it and Once you pay your loan on time, you are automatically entitled to a higher loan amount the next time you apply. 

At Aella, its agents are friendly couples with no harassment calls and defamatory messages. You can download the Aella app from the Google play store today to enjoy its loan offer.

4.  Umba

Top Loan Apps In Nigeria

 With the UMBA  loan app, you will experience a better banking experience. you can have instant loans, pay your bills, and get cash back from your phone. it has locations in Nigeria and Kenya. its application process is very simple and stress-free. Within 5 minutes of application, your loan is instantly disbursed into your linked bank account. You can also send money into your UMBA wallet and withdraw it at your convenience also while repaying back your loan you send money into your Umba wallet and use it to pay back. Their loan term ranges from one month to 3 months. There are no harassment or defamatory messages at UMBA. for any complaints visit and download the UMBA app from the Google play store to enjoy its loan offer.

5. Fairmoney

Fair money is another financial institution that has been helping people get money for emergencies and also business purposes. It is a digital bank that offers instant loans with no collateral within 5 minutes. With fair money, you can access up to a 1 million naira loan from Fairmoney microfinance bank. its features are free to transfer, a debit card as well as an instant loan, and you transfer for free anywhere across Nigeria. its repayment periods are between 61 days to 12 months with monthly interest rates that range from 2.5% to 30%. Visit the Google play store to download the Fairmoney app and enjoy its amazing features.


This article is the best 5 loan apps in Nigeria that you can access loan at any time with your smartphone in the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you find yourself in Nigeria. To enjoy their unique features, visit the Google play store to download any one of your choices.

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